Hormones regulate almost every process in your body. By serving as an internal communication system connecting all your cells, your hormones are responsible for coordinating everything from digestion and growth to your appetite, immune function, mood and sex drive. When your hormones are even the slightest bit out of balance, it can significantly impact your health and well-being.

Though hormones are critical through every phase of life, proper hormonal harmony becomes even more of an essential factor for health as people grow older and therefore become more susceptible to illness.

As we age, many of us experience a drop or imbalance in our hormone levels, which causes a range of complaints from hair loss to a lack of energy to anxiety and even sexual dysfunction. If something about your hormones is just a little bit “off,” it could be negatively impacting you by preventing you from pursuing the healthy and well-rounded lifestyle you once enjoyed.

How Can Hormone Therapy Help You?
In recent years, many people have been turning to hormone replacement therapies to ease these undesirable symptoms and restore their quality of life. One of these methods, which is called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), has been causing quite a bit of buzz by promising to deliver an all-natural solution to hormonal issues. But what exactly is BHRT, and what sets it apart from other hormone replacement therapies?

Read on for our guide to the benefits of BHRT and why it may be a good remedy for helping you get your imbalanced hormones back on the right track.

What Is BHRT?
Bioidentical hormones are synthetic hormones derived from plants. The term “bioidentical” means the hormones in the product are chemically identical to those found in the human body. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are three of the most common hormones in BHRT.

Though BHRT is most frequently used to help women have an easier time managing their menopause, many male patients have found great benefit from using BHRT as well. Often, aging people of both genders struggle with weight gain, loss of muscle mass and bone density, which BHRT can help treat.

Here are just some examples of the range of problems BHRT can improve:

  • Insomnia
  • High cholesterol
  • Mood disorders, such as anxiety or depression
  • Insulin resistance
  • Adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Memory loss

For women and men experiencing one or more of these life-affecting issues, the good news is that you may be an excellent candidate for BHRT.

To make them easy to take, various forms of bioidentical hormones are available, including:

  • Pills
  • Patches
  • Topical lotions and gels
  • Injections

BHRT vs. Traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy
The main thing that sets bioidentical hormones apart from those traditional hormone replacement therapy relies on is that they are chemically no different from those your body already produces naturally. In addition, BHRT uses hormones derived from plants, whereas some of the hormones in traditional hormone replacement therapy come from artificial sources.

Some types of BHRT use bioidentical hormones, which are custom-made by a pharmacy, according to a medical professional’s instructions. The pharmacy combines, or compounds, the hormones in a cocktail that is tailored to your unique hormonal needs – a process that gives them an advantage over traditional hormone replacement therapy.

Because pharmacies create these specially compounded drugs on a case-by-case basis for each patient, they are unstandardized and therefore cannot be approved by the FDA. However, that doesn’t mean compounding is bad or unsafe. In fact, patients who have allergies to specific types of medications may see more benefits from a compounded, tailor-made product than they would with an FDA-approved one.

If the pharmacy that makes the bioidentical hormones is accredited by the Pharmaceutical Compounding Accreditation Board, you can be sure they will adhere to strict standards of quality control. Therefore, there is no reason to assume bioidentical compounded hormones are any less safe or effective than FDA-approved hormone therapies.

Benefits of BHRT for Women and Men
BHRT can be beneficial for people who are experiencing a drop in hormone levels that has changed their life for the worse. For women who are menopausal, it is particularly helpful at improving moderate to severe menopause symptoms, including:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Mood changes
  • Memory loss
  • Weight gain
  • Sleep issues
  • Loss of libido or painful sexual intercourse

According to a study from the North American Menopause Society, about 1.4 million women now use BHRT treatments, which accounts for around 40 percent of all prescriptions for hormone therapy in menopausal and postmenopausal women.

In addition to helping ease common menopause symptoms, hormone replacement therapy may also reduce the risk for diabetes, tooth loss and cataracts in both men and women. There’s even been some evidence it can help reduce wrinkles by improving skin thickness, moisture and elasticity.

For cancer patients who have undergone treatments that affect their hormone levels, BHRT has been shown to be effective in improving their general well-being and quality of life. In one study, cancer sufferers who went through BHRT found relief from treatment-related symptoms such as migraine headaches, urinary incontinence, low libido and difficulty sleeping. The study also found the recurrence rate of their cancer was no higher than average.

Let Bespoke Wellness Help Restore Your Performance
If you have reached your late 30s or 40s and suddenly begun feeling tired, run-down, prone to weight gain or experiencing digestive issues or a loss in hair, muscle mass, bone density or sexual desire, BHRT could be the secret to putting your life back on track by restoring your body’s healthy hormonal balance.

Bioidentical hormone therapy has been the answer for many men and women who haven’t been feeling quite like their normal selves, but have not been able to determine why. If you’re ready to begin your hormone replacement journey, contact Bespoke Wellness today at office@bespokewellnessllc.com or 941-402-5353. We have made it our mission to help all our patients live their best lives through providing personalized care and solutions that offer improved health and vitality.